Merle Holm Carpet Studio

Merle Holm is an Estonian carpet brand. My carpets make the delicate art of doily pattern to talk to the floor. Filling homes with its beauty and lasting quality.

All carpets are crocheted by hand with non-bleached 100% cotton rope of natural ivory color.

Made on the order, used patterns can vary to make the carpet a statement piece in a specific room, hall-way or terrace. Based on chosen pattern, the carpet size can reach several meters in diameter, using kilometers of rope and might require weeks to be finished.

The natural color of the carpets gives a lovely accent to any interior and it is easy to combine with the tone of the floors or mix with sharper accents seldom used in home decor.

All carpets are made to order. You can choose from the available designs, but as not any pattern and design fit all interiors , I can make a specific carpet for a specific interior.

Feel free to contact me for your carpet and make a solid investment for the beauty of your space.


Carpets are made of 100 % non bleached cotton rope.

The chosen material makes the carpets sturdy enough to stay in place in any floor and will last for more than a lifetime.

Although the carpets seem delicate they are surprisingly strong and extremely resistible to wear and tear.

All carpets have been treated with water based nano impregnation which repels water and dirt, is UV stable, chemical resistant and environmentally friendly.

Everyday care requires only vacuuming or airing.


Depending of the size of the carpets you can either dry clean, machine wash 40 °C or use steam cleaning. How is more convenient for you.